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Dr. Karen Price

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I am an effective communicator and run meetings efficiently.   I have held numerous leadership positions and continue to do so taking particular interest in developing the team.   I understand the challenges of effective leadership on teams for projects and seeing goals through to delivery.   I am an outstanding communicator with patients, students, staff and GPs, to local councils, senior politicians, media and stakeholders. I am equally conscientious and compassionate with the ability to draw firm boundaries. 

I have dedicated my working life to Australian General Practice.  Listed here are some of the many roles that I have contributed towards.  In all cases I have been committed to continuous improvement and developing both an inclusive culture and growing the people around me.  I have found that to be the best way to influence transformational growth and achieve a rewarding working environment.

Board and Governance experience

  • Deputy Chair Vic Faculty RACGP, formerly board and now council
  • Clinical Governance Cabrini Hospital breast cancer care. Brighton Vic
  • Director of GPsDownUnder Registered charity and not for profit
  • Director Price Consulting Pty/Ltd

Current Roles

  • GP at Nepean Health Care. Melbourne
  • PhD Candidate Monash University
    Final panel completed.
    The role of peer connection in Australian General Practice.
  • Co-Founder and administrator of GPsDownUnderTM
  • Committees of:
    • Women in General Practice RACGP
    • Victorian Faculty Webinars for Covid-19 Collaboration with DHHS Victoria and Public health

Past Experience

  • Practice Owner
  • Assistant to district Police Surgeon
  • Medical Director Bay Street Family Medical Centre IPN
  • Chair of Graduate Research Group Monash University immediate past Chair.
  • 2011- 2018 Monash University. Teaching affiliate. Fourth Year Medical students.
  • 2012-2014 Chair of the Women in General Practice RACGP Victoria
  • Red Cross Refugee Health preferred GP provider
  • Media Training RACGP

GP Advocacy

  • Social Media @brookmanknight
  • Stakeholder consultation with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins. Consultation in Melbourne: National workplace sexual harassment inquiry Representing General Practice AMA Vic.
  • Health complaints commissioner consultation  RACGP 2018 Health Complaints Act 2016 Complaint Handling Standards -stakeholder consultation
  • RACGP consultation with Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfuss.  GP advocacy with RACGP chair of faculty Dr Cameron Loy. pre-2019 Federal election. 
  • RACGP consultation and interprofessional collaboration  on Safe Scripts program outcomes and feedback. Department of Health. Lonsdale Street Melbourne
  • RACGP consultation with Safer Care Victoria for Immunisation in Primary Care
  • RACGP-DHHS consultation on MARAMS reform and data sharing for children and women at risk
  • ABC Morning Breakfast News.  Defending Dr Christopher Higgins and Covid-19.

GP Education 

  • RACGP examiner
  • Women in GP annual conferences and clinical updates.
  • Small group GP education formats Facilitate two small groups in Bayside Melbourne
  • Covid-19 Academic seminar update for Department of General Practice.
  • GPsDownUnder18 Conference Scientific Committee. Gold Coast Queensland
  • Cabrini Breast Cancer education and inter-professional weekend GP conference.
  • Monash University Academic Seminar 2016 Co-ordinator
  • RACGP 15 Melbourne Conference Scientific Committee

GP Peer support

  • Business in GP panel presentation co presentation with Todd Cameron and Sachin Patel.
  • Vocational education in practice ownership, business, leadership, public speaking and wellbeing for female GPs. Women in GP committee:
  • GP mentoring program: RACGP pilot. Women In GP committee
  • AMA Victoria.  Mentor program for Doctors in Training advisory committee.
  • Informal peer support via GPs Down Under is ongoing daily moderation
  • April  2020  Asia Pacific Facebook International community engagement for groups.
  • Invited Panel Member.  Online presentation on connection, wellbeing  and engagement in   groups

GP Research

  • Part time PhD at Monash University. “The role of ‘peer connection’ in General Practice”
  • Final pre-submission examination panel completed.


  • 2011 Monash University teaching award in 2011
  • 2016 RACGP foundation family medicine grant for PhD research.

Qualifications Memberships and Achievements

  • 1987 Registration Victorian Medical Board
  • 1989 Certificate Satisfactory Completion of Training RACGP
  • 1990 Diploma of Family Planning
  • 1993 FRACGP
  • 1995 Certificate of Adolescent medicine
  • Current Medical Insurance AVANT
  • Current Member of AMA
  • Level One Mental Health Skills training.
  • Facilitation Skills Training


2019Albarqouni L, Hoffmann T, McLean K, Price K, Glasziou P. Role of professional networks on social media in addressing clinical questions at general practice: a cross-sectional study of general practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. BMC Family Practice. 2019;20(1):43.
2018My Health Record the GP perspective. MJA Insight Dr Karen Price
2018It’s the end of the year. Are you OK? MJA Insight Dr Karen Price
2018MJA Insight January 2018. GPsDownUnder: Who are we and what do we do? K. Price.
20182018 Australian Journal Of General Practice, How doctors conceptualise p-values – a mixed methods study. Tam, Abeer, Knight, Rhee, Price, McLean
2015Price K, Clearihan L. Exploring female GPs’ perceptions about medical leadership. Australian Family Physician. 2015;44(6):399-404.

Conference Papers and Lectures

2019Wonca Kyoto GP and the conceptualisation of P values Tam, Abeer, Knight, Rhee, Price, Mclean. Kyoto Japan
2018GPTEC 18 and RACGP October 18 Research Paper How we misconceptualise p-values and what we can do about it. Tam, Abeer, Knight, Rhee, Price, Mclean. Gold Coast Queensland
2018RACGP October 2018. Research Paper. FMCER 2016 Grant Outcomes. Peer Connection in General Practice K.Price .
2018GPDU conference May 2018. Opening Plenary with co-admins. Price, McLean, Higgins, Ware, Phang, and Leeuwenburg. Gold Coast, Queensland.
2018GPDU conference Closing Plenary. June 2018 Is the Medical Journal Dead? Communication in the digital age. Price, Glazsiou, Calabresi, MJA Editorial staff, Knibbs.
2018Eastern Victorian General Practice Training. (EVGPT). May 2018 Education and online communities Lecture and workshop presentation May 12, 2018
2017August 2017 Research Pitch Paper. GP research for GPs @ GPDU. Tam CWM, Khan A, Knight A, Rhee, J, Price K, Leeuwenburg T, McLean K, Higgins N. GPTEC. (General Practice Training and Education Conference), ICC Sydney, 16- 17 August 2017.
2016October 2016 Short Paper. Do GPs experience informal peer support in online education communities? By Price, K. RACGP National Conference Perth
2016October 2016 Short Paper GPs Down Under. Moran-Jayaram, Price, Higgins, Leeuwenburg, Wilson, Joshi, Brown, and Villis.
2016November 2016 Paper. Fatigue is commonly reported by Australian GPs. Jarvis R, Gill G, Clearihan L, Price K. Wonca World Conference of Family Doctors. Rio de Janerio. Brazil
2015July 2015 Lecture. Monash University, Melbourne. Social Media for Higher Degree Research Students by Price, K. Academic Seminar. Department of General Practice.
2015July 2015 Plenary Lecture. Tropical Medicine Training Conference Cairns. The Brave New World. Informal learning and Social Media for Medical Educators. K. Price
2014July 2014 Short paper. PHCRIS, Canberra. “Work Daze Fatigue in GPs” Jarvis, Price, Gill, and Clearihan.
2014October 2014. Short paper. RACGP National Conference, Adelaide. An exploration of female GPs perceptions of barriers to leadership. Price, K. Clearihan, L
2014October 2014. Short paper. RACGP National Conference, Adelaide. Can Dr Anonymous support GPs online? Senior, T. Price, K.
2013September 2013. Short Paper. GPET conference, Perth. Why are female GPs tired? Jarvis, Price Gill Clearihan
2013August 2013. Lecture. Women in GP conference, Melbourne. Social media introduction in GP Medical Education. Price, K.


2018Beginners Social Media Workshop for Researchers DGP, Monash University HDR session 2018.
2018Beginners Social Media Workshop for General Practitioners at GPsDown Under Inaugural conference Gold Coast May 2018
2015October 2015. RACGP National Conference Melbourne. The Digital Café. An innovative informal peer learning space with asynchronous technology focussed learning groups and peer support. Ran for the conference duration. Conceived and designed by K. Price. Facilitated by Drs. N. Higgins and T. Leeuwenburg.
2015July 2015 Tropical Medicine Training Conference Cairns. Workshop. Beginners guide to Social Media. Park, Rob. Price, Karen.
2013June 2013 Workshop WONCA Prague. Is Fatigue an Issue? To what extend does fatigue affect leadership in family medicine? Clearihan, Price, Gill, Barnard.


2016November 2016 Poster. Fatigue is Commonly Reported by Australian GPs. Jarvis, Gill, Clearihan and Price. Wonca World Rio Di Janerio, Brazil
2014October 2014. RACGP National Conference Adelaide. Poster. Mentor Program for Women GPs Price, K. Simonis, M. Moran, L.

Other Projects

2018Supervision GP Academic Registrar 2018. Dr John Jasinski The Effect of a New Coaching Model on Anxiety, Depression, and Burnout in General Practice Registrars Co-supervising with Prof Jenny Doust Prof Paul Glasziou Bond Uni
2015Associate Investigator on NHMRC CRE project. Application ID: APP1106452
Title: “Testing, Translation and Uptake of Evidence in General Practice: A systems approach to rapid translation”. Chief Investigators: Glasziou, Trevena, Hoffman, McCaffery, Del Mar, Salkeld, Doust, Legare.

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